Psa on texting and driving

Navigation — designate a passenger to serve as a co-pilot to help with directions.

Powerful Anti Texting While Driving PSA!

Interviews include the texting offender, his parents, the wives of the victims, the responding Highway Patrol trooper, the case's prosecuting attorney and judge, and a professor of psychology at the University of Utah.

Other considerations add onto the distractions. Of course, driving laws throughout the United States are working to decrease the amount of distracted drivers.

A social media program kicking off this week will help drive the point home on social-networking sites and blogs nationwide. I will admit, I was guilty of texting while I drove, because I never thought that anything could happen to me. Some states ban cell phone use behind the wheel altogether, while others simply prohibit school bus drivers from texting.

Cell phone records indicate that the driver was texting just prior to the collision. And if it gets alot of you to stop doing this then that video of actors have done a very good job.

Texting & Driving PSA

While many motorists may perceive driving as a routine activity, attentive driving is critical as the traffic environment changes constantly and drivers must be prepared to react.

The truck driver was talking on his cell phone at the time of crash and said he never saw the bus. The film was a bold move intended to scare teens off texting and driving for good. I personally feel that this video should be mandatory in all U.

Passengers — speak up to stop drivers from distracted driving behavior. When multitasking drivers who use a cell phone couple this use with something else, such as eating or writing down a note, driving safety is further compromised and compounded. Kelson died the next day. The PSAs communicate to teens and adults that when you text and drive, you are not multitasking, but essentially driving blind.

Sincethe Ad Council has partnered with the state Attorneys General to address reckless driving among teens. Thank you for convincing me that I am not invincible! I can allow myself to text and look at my phone while driving!

The website also has an area where individuals can post, and share on Facebook, what they are doing to stop texting and driving. It looks so real — exactly what I would imagine a crash like this would look like. The nearly minute-and-a-half long video plays out with a predictable ending when the driver looks down to check a text message, sees a pedestrian in the road, loses control and crashes her car with catastrophic results.

To honor her brother's memory, Loren Vaillancourt has been using her visibility as Miss South Dakota to speak with schools and organizations throughout her state about the dangers of distracted driving.

Press Release

I now know why my mom was always after me to stop texting while I drove. It goes within the realm of common sense to suppose the increased distractions that occur during a cell phone conversation.

Through our Texting and Driving Prevention campaign, we are working towards eradicating the mindset among young adults that texting and driving is a safe activity. In alone, the U. I am a college student in Pennsylvania. Even the flying glass is very impressive.

Half of respondents say that during the past month, they have been a passenger when a friend was texting while driving.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban

It happens at least once a day. There are clearly enough distractions on the road to being able to handle an automobile. Craig Wood Please, please take notes everyone, this video is of actors alot of you have said,But take note this IS based on real events that do happen on our roads still today.

Hence, the importance of videos like the one above. That being said, each state, whether it be Massachusetts or Maryland or Utah or Arizona, handles texting while driving somewhat differently.

Keep them in mind the next time you're behind the wheel and feel a buzz in your pocket. I do however, think that by combining these numbers, and this video; this is a pretty strong message.

What If You Could Speak To The Person You Were About To Crash Into, Before You Crashed?

The conversation itself draws the attention of the driver away from the road to a degree. Although her father had warned her against cell phone use behind the wheel, she was texting at the time of the crash. Joe died the next day from his injuries.

After watching this video, not only did I agree with my professor, but I also have not texted while driving since almost 2 months.

Let's get your assignment out of the way. It just so happens teens are entirely responsible for this PSA.

Judy Teater is a founding board member of FocusDriven, the first national nonprofit organization devoted specifically to raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.For your search query PSA Texting While Driving MP3 we have found songs matching your query but showing only top 10 results.

Now we recommend you to Download first result PSA Texting While Driving U K Ad HD MP3 which is uploaded by Nick of size MB, duration 4 minutes and 16 seconds and bitrate is Kbps. Texting and driving is dangerous – that is a fact. Americans are highly aware of and concerned about the issue.

More than nine in ten Americans believe sending (94%) and reading (91%) texts while driving is dangerous or very dangerous. Aug 16,  · Werner Herzog's latest project is a slight departure for the acclaimed filmmaker: a minute public service announcement on the dangers of texting and driving.

Even if a cop sees a driving texting, they are not legally permitted to stop the driving from engaging in this dangerous act (Haberman, ).

Even so, a secondary ban is better than no regulation because its presence in the law will still deter drivers from texting. Texting and cell phone use while driving are distractions that not only reduce concentration on driving, they often take your eyes off the road, and your hands off the wheel.

Studies show that drivers who text while driving are six times more likely to be in an auto accident than those who don’t.

Though the PSAs for texting and driving have been in circulation since before “Glee” was introduced, NHTSA, realizing the impact of the show on the youth, and used this opportunity to reach out to their target audience for this particular PSA, teenage drivers.

Psa on texting and driving
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