Essay on importance of mother tongue in education

Growth in their intellectual life ; growth in knowledge ; growth in ability to express themselves; growth in creative and productive ability-all stem from the mother-tongue. When children develop their mother tongue, they are simultaneously fostering a whole host of other essential skills, such as critical thinking and literacy skills.

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Thesis for a compare and contrast essay as la prenessaye footeo saint stress causes illness essay. Email Today, with increased migration and the growing popularity of international schools, the number of children learning in a language other than their mother tongue is growing rapidly.

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It is a language which the child acquires while living in his own social group. Early education in the mother tongue can prepare children for school and foster foundational skills, such as literacy and critical thinking, which are proven to significantly increase learning later on.

Thus, mother tongue has tremendous importance in education and in the curriculum. Of course, several declarations, resolutions and conventions by the United Nations encourage mother tongue education, e. Mother tongue amy tan essay summary statements 4 stars based on 76 reviews.

Importance of teaching mother-tongue to a child

It is a language which the child acquires while living in his own social group. Importance of teaching mother-tongue to a child Gauri Dushi Advertisements: However, it was only because I had received a solid education in my mother tongue that I could understand those complex linguistic concepts in English.

With multilingualism becoming an increasingly sought-after attribute within the workplace, this advantage cannot be overstated. While taught in German up to high school, I studied linguistics with English as medium of instruction.

What do international law and policy say about education in the mother tongue?

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It is much harder, however, to teach these abstract skills directly through a second language. The intuitive understanding of grammar that develops when children learn their first language can easily be passed on to other languages.

Teach Kids Importance Of Mother Tongue

Should endangered or minority languages be preserved? Sometimes, children chose to read small extracts out loud, allowing them to demonstrate more developed reading skills, whilst simultaneously building pride in their own culture and developing respect for all cultures within the school.The Importance of Mother Tongue Ms.

Paminder Kohli | 23rd August, The IB supports and advocates the importance of learning in the mother tongue, and acknowledges that development of mother-tongue language is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity.

Pre-Primary Education For Children's Development.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Importance Of Mother Tongue" Mother tongue is the initial language one learns as a baby; the language one grows up knowing, which is also known as the native language.

Why teaching the mother tongue is important. Oliver Stegen explains the benefits of teaching the mother tongue, and the importance of preserving the world’s linguistic diversity in an interview with Aatif Ahmed Mehjoor Could you tell us about yourself and the work you have been doing?

Mother tongue education is not the answer to. OUTLINE I. Introduction II. Purpose of Mother Tongue-based Education A. Reasons why the Mother Tongue should be used in primary schools B.

The importance of mother tongue in education

Points and ideas about Mother Tongue-based Education III. Target learners of Mother Tongue-based Education IV. The Importance of Mother Tongue Education The last 15 years have seen the number of children and young people who are not in school fall by almost half.

Jul 18,  · Mother tongue is the language that a person grows up speaking from childhood. It’s also known as the first language or native language. Being fluent in his mother tongue benefits an individual in many ways. A lot of research has suggested that mother tongue education is an important step in.

Essay on importance of mother tongue in education
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