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In addition to it, the measures taken are not evidence based and geared by the vested interests of the authorities. The primary to middle examination system is splendid for increasing the role of teacher in its class.

Regular school attendance for female students is estimated at 41 per cent while that for male students is 50 per cent. Workshops must be arranged for teachers.

Primary education should be made compulsory: An effective monitoring system is needed in education departments. It should have to be extended to non-state sectors to initiate and mobilize the action. In Pakistan, there have been gaps towards attainment of qualitative education in account of weak administration.

In Pakistan, there has been a problem of good governance. We all know the importance of education. Such heavy fee structure badly hit the poor strata, result as they could not equip modern education to their children.

The harmonization is missing too between the federal and provincial governments which cause drastic problems in the policy implementation.

Uniform education system in Pakistan Essay

The expected average for years of schooling in was Despite, such huge numbers of middle schools and teachers have not improved the quality of education. Appxone Private Limited is training Engineers with professional development on major subjects of Electronics and Computer science and other fields.

Select the general rut of education, though they have the least tilt or the capacity to cope with the demands. Pakistan is a land of such chronic diseases.

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An apprenticeship system is also framed by the state of Pakistan. Poor parents are constrained to send their children to madressahs where the education is totally free. Such associations have started politics in their affairs. Through administrative strictness it could be ensure that the writ of state is accessible, therefore no compromised can be tolerated in case of inefficiencies in regard to implementation.

There are four areas that snivel for pressing concentration which are curriculum, textbooks, examinations, and teacher training Hoodbhoy, Out of literacy rate, male literacy stood 68 per cent and female 58 per cent in What could be done is that the government should form a research team immediately which would try to find out which type of education system is in the larger interest of the country.

Counselling of parents is required, so that they can choose a career for their child which is market friendly.The education system of Pakistan is one is the least-developed in the world.

Untilthe educational system was based on the British colonial educational system. In The educational system of Pakistan has been a topic of debate in the country since independence. There are different points of views regarding what type of education system would be in the best interest of the country and yet.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Muhammad Saeed studied and explained comparisons of the education system of Pakistan and the UK from six proportions. These were education and training authority, educational structure, curriculum formulation, assessment and evaluation, supervision, management, and teacher education and training.

Nov 27,  · The system of education in Pakistan is operative in match with the local needs and ground realities.

Education in Pakistan

It is almost a decisive factor that the education in the mother tongue surrenders more dividends but we have the system more segregated and diversified just contrary to our requirements.

Home» Education» Pakistan» Education System in Pakistan Issues Problems and Solutions Process of learning is called education and education is the basic right of every person.

A nation can be strong with educated citizens. The education system in Pakistan Computer and Physics) as well as compulsory subjects (such as Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pakistan Studies). Another type of education in Pakistan is called "Technical Education" and combines technical and vocational education.

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Education system in pakistan essay in urdu
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